Let’s bake this big cake! It’s time to start the 26th edition of your best ESC fun show! The motto of this edition is “Supernova!”. We are here together with participants from 50 countries!

It is the first edition in the 3rd season of NFAC. We would like to celebrate it, so we have invited the next country to take part. Welcome Åland Islands!

aland islands

And now it’s time to introduce the most unusual host ever: Riga Baever!


























We are in Arena Riga in the capital city of Latvia. Everything because of winning song “We Won’t Back Down” from Toms Kalderauskis. Once more time gratulations for @flameisburning. Great job!








Riga Beaver is now going to build some dam on Daugava. So we have time to introduce our great participants and awesome recaps of all songs.

In each semifinal the latvian song will appear as promotional interval act.


We start with Semifinal 1. We prepared for You playlist and recap.

Running ORder SF1

  1. Czech Republic: Petr Bende – “Zaklinam sve more”
  2. France: Karine Trecy – “Le mal de Toi
  3. Azerbaijan: Maryam Shabanova – “I’ve Had Enough”
  4. Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic – “Kada si tu”
  5. Netherlands: Vulcano – “Een Beetje Van Dit
  6. Greece: Anna Vissi – “Who Cares About Love
  7. Armenia: Sergey Grigoryan- “Qez”
  8. Russia: Ольга Маковецкая – “Positive Emotions”
  9. Åland Islands: Timoteij – “Kom”
  10. Macedonia: Natasa Malinkova – “Greska”
  11. Montenegro: Madame Piano – “Igra”
  12. Monaco: Nicolas Fraissinet “Lève-toi
  13. Albania: Poni – “Si trendafil”
  14. Bulgaria: Георги Върбанов – “Никифорe”
  15. Germany: Ornella De Santis – “Quietly”
  16. Denmark: Bryan Rice – “Breathing”
  17. Croatia: AliBi – “Prvi pogled”


Time for Semifinal 2. Here we have for You also playlist and recap!

Running ORder SF2

  1. Turkey: Atiye – “İnşallah Canım Ya”
  2. Kosovo: Juliana Pasha – “Vullkan”
  3. Austria: Miblu – “Shooting Stars”
  4. Belarus: Satsura – “Get Out Of My Way”
  5. Cyprus: Marianne’s Wish/Minus One – “Shine”
  6. Belgium: Udo – “Hero”
  7. Iceland: Fátækur námsmaður – “Ingó Veðurguð”
  8. Georgia: Young Georgian Lolitaz – “Pain In My Heart”
  9. Ireland: Kasey – “Kiss Me There”
  10. Liechtenstein: Mia Diekow – “Lieblingslied”
  11. Switzerland: Maria Christina – “Superdiva”
  12. Moldova: Che MD – “Voda e cu noi”
  13. Israel: Ran Sandler – “Find a Way”
  14. San Marino: Lara Fabian – “Voce”
  15. Luxembourg: Vergiss mein Nicht feat. Armin van Bassten – “Solarkreis”
  16. Finland: Tuuli Okkonen – “Don’t Wake Me Up”

And the last but not the least – Semifinal 3. As always playlist and recap for You!

Running Order SF3

  1. Poland: Carmell – “Faces”
  2. Andorra: Rebeca Moss – “Volveré Por Ti”
  3. Lithuania: Sasha Song – “Never Felt Like This Before”
  4. Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso – “Good Lovin'”
  5. Vatican City: Michele Bravi – “Il Diario Degli Errori”
  6. Ukraine: Kuznetsov – “Deep shivers”
  7. Slovenia: Lea Sirk – “Freedom”
  8. Malta: Kevin Borg – “Follow”
  9. Italy: Elodie – “Tutta Colpa Mia”
  10. Portugal: Golden Slumbers – “Para Perto”
  11. United Kingdom: Salena – “I don’t wanna fight”
  12. Hungary: Radics Gigi – “See it Through”
  13. Norway: Ammunition – “Wrecking Crew”
  14. Spain: Fruela – “Live It Up”
  15. Romania: Lora – “I Know”
  16. Estonia: Elina Born – “In Or Out”

You have time till 08.07.2017 to DM us your votes. NFAC-Society, start voting now!

We are not leaving You alone. Our special opening ceremony guest: Markus Riva! 3 time participant for Latvian in NFAC contest; maybe we will see him once again soon ….