Welcome back to Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens


In one of our closest battles yet we are here for the results for NFAC 10.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part in NFAC 10, in both semi finals and the grand final.  Once again we have discovered some truly great songs again.

So let’s get to it….

Click here for the Grand Final voting sequence, and the voting for the semi finals will be revealed later tonight.

Semi Final results – Semi Final 1 click here, Semi Final 2 click here

(Remember that Cyprus were disqualified so lost their place in the grand final – so qualification went to 12th and deadlock went to 13th)


Also don’t forget applications open tonight for NFAC 11.  The top 5 in NFAC 10 will remain with their current delegation unless they decide to change country.  Keep an eye out for update on available countries.  All applications must come complete with a valid entry before you can be accepted.  Applications will start at 2030 CET.