ereOver the last few months we’ve been putting together some playlist of national finals songs that are available to send for NFAC.  We will continue doing more playlists in the run up to application time in NFAC 23.  If you have a particular country you need help with, please let us know and we can put together a playlist for you.

The lists are only a few suggested songs – they are not exhaustive, there will be more songs out there, so if you want to use a song that isn’t in the playlist just make sure it fits in within the rules of NFAC (check those here) and send to you during the application process.  You may also DM us to check beforehand.

Maybe one of these will take the trophy home next time?

Albania – click

Andorra – click here

Armenia – click here

Austria – click here

Azerbaijan – click here

Belarus – click

Belgium – click here

Bosnia & Herzegovina – click here

Bulgaria – click here


Croatia – click here

Cyprus – click here

Czech Rep -click here

Denmark – click

Estonia – click

Finland – click

France – click here

Georgia – click

Germany – click here

Greece – click here

Hungary – click

Iceland – click

Ireland – click here

Israel – click here

Kazakhstan – click here

Kyrgyzstan – click

Latvia – click

Liechtenstein – click here

Lithuania – click

Luxembourg – click here

Macedonia – click

Malta – click

Moldova – click here

Monaco – click here

Montenegro – click here

Netherlands – click here

Norway – click

Poland – click

Romania – click

Russia – click here

San Marino – click here

Serbia – click here

Slovakia – click

Slovenia – click

Spain – click

Sweden – click

Switzerland – click

Tatarstan – click here

Turkey – click

Ukraine – click

United Kingdom – click

Yugoslavia – click here