Once again we are at the Grand Final stage of NFAC 22. 27 songs now remain from the 53 which were submitted. Through 3 amazing semi finals and one Grand Deadlock Andra Chansen, they have fought their way through to the Grand Final. Now we have to find out who is our winner …. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this edition and everyone who has worked on this edition….

Let’s start the show…

As you are aware, Monaco won NFAC 21 and gained rights to host the following contest, however due to lack of suitable venue and infrastructure, they chose Switzerland to host the contest with them. This was partly due to the fact that the song that won was sung by a Swiss artist – Loic Schumacher. Please welcome him to the stage to sing his winning song, Génération demain.

As we are here in Bern, Switzerland please welcome to the stage, the Swiss band which will represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2017, with their song Apollo, Timebelle.

So here in your NFAC 22 Grand Final (click here for the full playlist)

NFAC 22 Grand Final Running Order.png

27 songs…. only 1 winner ….

Voting is now OPEN!! and will remain open until March 12th at 1800 CET. Our Grand Final results show will kick off the following day at 1900 CET March 13th. And of course applications for NFAC 23 will begins shortly after the results have been announced.

Whilst we are receiving all the results from the delegations and International jury members, let’s enjoy some music from Monaco, here is the young and talented, and hella hot, Josh Stanley with his songs “Coming Over” and “She Has A Boyfriend”.