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The National Final Season Song Contest

NFAC International Jury

Welcome to the international jury.  An integral part of NFAC, where music unprofessionals come together and judge the hell out of national final songs that are taking part in NFAC.  What we need you to do is fully rank the songs, and send this list back to us.  We will use these rankings to assign points in accordance to your ranking order for both semi finals and the upcoming final.  You only need to do this rank once (before the semi final), however if you wish to change your ranking before the final, please let us know within good time.  Then when we come to input your votes we will assign you a ROW slot (we shall let you know which country you will appear as)

If you have any questions on being part of the International Jury please contact us via Twitter @NfAndraChansen or email


So let’s get started with the Jury show…


Click here for the playlist… and here is the running order for you to help in ranking those songs.

NFAC28 - RO Jury.png



As Kosovo’s song isn’t on YouTube – make sure you watch their video which can be found below.

Please send your ranking of 1 – 46 (1 being your favourite) to us via Twitter DM or via email  Deadline for rankings will be 8th September 1800 CEST.




International Juries


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