NFAC - NfAndrachansen

The National Final Season Song Contest

Rules of NFAC




  1. NF Andra Chansen (NFAC) is a fan contest held on Twitter to find the favourite songs of the national finals and to discover new music.

  2. The contest format is usually 3 Semifinals, followed by Deadlock-AC and the Grand Final, this can change due to the number of participants.

  3. Everyone is welcome to participate, either as delegation or as a member of the International Jury.

  4. By taking part in NFAC as delegation or juror you agree to abide the following rules.

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  1. The song must be a original. No cover songs that were used in a national final to select a singer are allowed.

  2. The song must have taken part in the national final or internal selection of a country or region that takes or took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the Türkvizyon Song Contest or the Bala Türkvizyon Song Contest.

  3. Each application will be granted with the assumption that you have checked the eligibility of your own song, if after the song is found to be not eligible after we have already confirmed your country, then we will allow you 24 hours to change your song.  After this 24 hours, then the country you applied for then becomes available for other delegations.
  4. The song may have won the national final or internal selection but mustn’t have been performed on Eurovision or Türkvizyon stage (for example Romania 2016).

  5. (Amendment)  Songs may only be used once within the current season (from July -June), only songs which did not qualify in the semi final stage will be granted Andra Chansen to compete again in NFAC.  However, as before mentioned they must have been used in the season before, and with a grace period of 6 editions.  For example if a song failed to qualify in NFAC 11, it can not be used again until NFAC 18 as long as that is within a new season.

  6. Songs which were used as host entries and which directly qualified for the Grand Final, shall be able to be sent again as long as they didn’t impact the top 10.  The song also must be sent via a semi final, and not used as host entry again.
  7. A country may only use a “current season” song twice in a row.  For example; you may have a 2016 song represent you in NFAC 17 and NFAC 18, but in NFAC 19 you will have to choose a song not from 2016 season.  This is the case even if the delegation changes.
  8. New season songs (for example upcoming 2017 season), will not be able to be used until AFTER the relevant contest has taken place.  For example JESC nf songs will be able to used in the December contest, ESC nf songs will be able to be used in the June contest.


  1. Applications open after the Grand Final of a NFAC-edition.

  2. If you wish to participate you have to apply via DM on Twitter.

  3. Only ONE entry per person is allowed.

  4. Applications must contain a country/region AND a song, if your application doesn’t have a song included, your application will be denied.

  5. Countries/regions are allocated on a first come first serve basis, based on the timestamp of your DM on Twitter.

  6. Availabe to choose are all countries or regions except for the Top 5 of the previous NFAC. They secure their country / region, however they are free to choose not to keep it and apply for a different one.

  7. Don’t apply before the Twitter handle says that applications are open, otherwise your application will be denied.

  8. The way how you select your entry is completely up to you, you can select the song yourself or hold a „national final“ on social media and spread the word of NFAC.

  9. If you wish to change your song, you can request it, but only before the playlists are published. Furthermore your request will have to be agreed with the NFAC-HQ.



  1. All songs will be put in YouTube playlists and will be made available on Twitter and on

  2. You vote in the same Semifinal your song is taking part, Deadlock-AC and in the Grand final.

  3. For your votes please use the usual Eurovision style, 12 points for your favourite, 10 for your second place and 8-1 for the rest of your Top 10.

  4. In Deadlock-AC you give 3, 2 points and 1 point for your 3 favourite songs.  If your song is currently in Deadlock-AC please be aware you CAN vote for yourself, this is the only point in the contest which you will be able to do so.  Also if your song is in Deadlock-AC, you MUST vote otherwise your country will not progress into the final should you win the vote.

  5. Any form of bribery for votes is prohibited and may result in a disqualification from the current contest and a ban from future editions.

  6. Please do not just vote for your friends, but for the merit of the songs.

  7. Feel free to discuss the songs on social media, however you must not reveal your results until after the Grand Final. If you reveal your votes before, it will be considered as cheating and may result in a disqualification from the current contest and a ban from future editions.

  8. The voting deadlines are final. If you don’t vote in time you face a disqualification from the current contest and a ban from future editions.  Also, if you are taking part in the semi final or final, you will lose all your jury points in that edition resulting in non qualification, and the points will be worked out again without your country.

  9. Due to YouTube’s copyright and publishing policy, we can’t prevent that one or more songs are blocked in your country. This is not our fault and we can’t do anything against it. However we recommend to use a browser addon, proxy or VPN in this case.



  1. If you want to be a member of the international jury, feel free to send us a DM on Twitter. We will provide you with all the information you need.

  2. We welcome any number of members of the international jury.  In the semi finals, they will appear separately, however in the final, they will appear as an assigned country, which are assigned randomly.  These will usually be 3 jurors in each country, however this may change with a higher or lower amount of jurors.
  3. As part the International Jury, we will also invite a music professional from one of the countries currently taking part in NFAC to judge and vote in both semi finals and final.  As usual Deadlock-AC voting will be optional.  Some of these jurors will be Eurovision stars, however we also like to take the chance to promote lesser known or new stars from Europe.  Please make sure the Guest Jurors feel welcome.
  4. International Jury members are also invited via Facebook, in such case they do not have a Twitter handle, they will not be tagged in any posts, but the links to post will be given to them via Facebook messenger via our Executive Supervisor.
  5. As a member of the international jury you will submit a full ranking of the songs before the semi final shows, this will then be used to fulfil your voting throughout the contest.  However, if you wish to change your votes for the Grand Final, you must message us on the first day that the Grand Final goes live, before we finalise the jury combined votes.



  1. Don’t be a jerk!

  2. NFAC has a strict and zero tolerance policy towards bullying, trolling, flaming and attacking other people!

  3. Feel free to discuss the songs, but bare in mind that any breach of the policy will result in an immediate disqualification from the current NFAC and all future contests!

  4. NFAC is meant to be fun and to discover new music, so enjoy it.

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