Welcome back to Ukraine for the Grand Final of NFAC 15.

Please welcome your opening act … Jamala…


Once again we would like to thank everyone who took part in this contest.  Another great set of songs were submitted, and we whittled them down to 27 great tracks for the Grand Final here in Lviv.  Thank you to Guest Judge MIHAI from Romania, we hope to see you back soon.

Lviv Arena has been a fantastic venue for us at NFAC, and we hope EBU choose this to host Eurovision in 2017.  We should know the results of the bidding process in Ukraine in the next week or so.


So Let’s have a quick recap of the final…

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nfac15 running order

So let’s have some results…. who is going to win?

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Grand Final results – nfac15finres

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Semi Final 1 –


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Semi Final 2 –


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Semi Final  3 –


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Deadlock –


Remember application open for NFAC 16 at 2030 CEST – remember to WAIT for our announcement.  And please remember any application received and time stamped before 2030 CEST will be denied.  Also ALL applications must be present with a chosen song.  And the top 5 from NFAC 15 as always are out of bounds.

Enjoy NFAC x