Welcome back to Malmo Arena, Sweden

We are back after two great semi finals, and a grand final… all votes have been counted and verified, and we have a winner.

Firstly, we’d like to announce that because Serbia did not submit votes in the grand final, their votes were provided by a back up member of the international jury.

So, onto the results….. click here for the voting sequence.  Make sure to watch the entire thing 😉 it get really interesting towards the middle and right until the end.

Danny Saucedo and Anna Book are here with your semi final results….

Semi Final 1 – here and Semi final 2 – here.




Also don’t forget applications open tonight for NFAC 12.  The top 5 in NFAC 11 will remain with their current delegation unless they decide to change country.  Keep an eye out for update on available countries.  All applications must come complete with a valid entry before you can be accepted.  Applications will start at 2030 CET.

Good luck to everyone.