Welcome to NFAC 13 the results show….


We would like to thank every one of the 48 delegations and the 13 members of the national juries that took part in NFAC 13 this time around.   We had so much fun with this contest, and hope you find the results as thrilling as we did.

Thank you also for your continued support and for making this fan contest so popular and lasting nearly a year now. That’s right, NFAC 14 will mark our 1 year birthday.

So anyway,…. to our results… click here for the voting sequence.

Where are we off next?  Our winning delegate will help decide the host city, host venue and the host presenters for NFAC 14.   They will also choose whether to take part in the semi finals themselves, or take their pass direct to the final.


If you finished in a top 5 position, you are entitled to keep your current country, as usual, for NFAC 14.  If you wish to change your delegation, please let us know before we open the applications for NFAC 14 at 2030 CEST.

But first, let’s have some semi final results

Semi Final 1

nfac 13 semi 1

nfac13 sf1

Semi Final 2

nfac 13 semi 2

nfac 13 sf2

Grand Final Results

nfac 13 final results

nfac13 finland winer

Congratulation to @CalmAfterTheTim who has won his first NFAC with Finland who have now won the contest twice. NFAC will be meeting with TimVision in the next few days to discuss hosting of NFAC 14.


NFAC14 applications will open at 1930 CEST.  Click here to check the rules on the contest and application process.