Welcome to the results page of NFAC 19. We’ve had an amazing show here in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Our biggest contest so yet, and in recognition of that we can reveal we have a record breaking winner in NFAC 19. Highest points score EVER (also our 2nd placed country beat the old record too, becoming the 2nd highest points score ever). So a big thank you to everyone who voted in NFAC 19.

Two delegations have been replaced by back up juries – United Kingdom who refused to vote due to non qualification and Israel who failed to vote before the deadline.


We have slight changes in the voting procedure again in NFAC 19. Due to scorewiz servers being down there will be no voting grids for NFAC 19, until we can get them back. But rest assure, the votes have been triple checked. Also Azerbaijani delegation have decided to release the jury votes for the ahead of the final result. These votes will then be added to the tele-votes from the delegation from across Europe and slightly beyond, and we will then reveal out 19th winner.



Don’t forget, applications for NFAC 20 will open AFTER the final results from NFAC 19. This will likely be around 2000 CET, but the time will be dependant on the show running over or not. The actual time the applications will open will be posted on Twitter, so keep an eye on that. Remember the top5 from NFAC 19 will automatically stay with the current delegation unless the should wish to change their country. These changes will also be revealed on Twitter.

To prepare yourself for applications process (which is usually very quick to fill up) have a look at our playlist suggestions. Click here for that.

See you tonight at 2000 CET for the results of the 19th NFAC contest.

NFAC 19 Results here ….

scorewiz initial.png

Due to limitations on scorewiz numbers 4 extra juries were added via Excel.

Extra voters.png


Results from Deadlock


Results from Semi Finals