Welcome to NFAC 25 the results show … here you will find all the result you need to know, and to see who has won NFAC 25, becoming our 25th winner of the NFAC contest at the end of our second year.

The winner of NFAC 25 will join 12 others in the Ultimate NFAC 2017 contest, all past winners of the year, to be crowned the best winner of the year. As winner of Ultimate NFAC 2016 – Poland will be hosting us, after Maragret’s win with her song “Cool Me Down”.

So let’s get on with our results ….

Semi Final 1

SF1 edited


Semi Final 2

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Semi Final 3

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Grand Final


nfac 25 11-15.png

nfac 25 16-20.png

NFAC 25 21-27.png