NFAC 18 Results will start tonight at 2000 CEST. Please join us to find out who our 18th winner is….


Welcome to the results show of NFAC 18 …. here is where we will update the results for the first part of the NFAC 18 show.  We will reveal countries that finished in positions 11 through to 27 in several segments.  Before turning back to Twitter to reveal the top 10 individually.   This is also where you will be able to find the full results from all three semi finals, along with final results from Deadlock-AC.

Don’t forget that applications for NFAC 19 will also open this evening, time dependent on the finish time for NFAC 18 Grand Final – we will announce it when we are ready (any applications received before our announcement will not be valid), and you can prepare yourself for that by getting your applications ready with valid songs.  You can click here for the country playlist posts with a selection of songs that can be used, this list is not exhaustive, and more songs can be found.  Please also note that for NFAC 19 onwards, we have a slight rule change in the valid song.  Please click here for the updated rule book.

So let’s get on with the show…

Results will appear here shortly…


Semi Final 1



Semi Final 2



Semi Final 3





Grand Final