Welcome back to Jönköping where we are here to find out the 16th winner of NFAC.  This contest keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I want to thank everyone who has entered past and present.  Hopefully the contest continues to be a success regardless of number of people present.  Remember, we are here to celebrate the National Final season, which we are about to enter with 100s of more possible songs.


Of course with the start of our national final season, we will start planning our own individual contests for each national final like we did in 2016.  We will be recruiting for a role within NFAC to help us cover each national final.  So if you want to join the team, let us know ASAP via DM.  More information on this role will be posted very soon.

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Also a big thank you to our Guest Jury this time which was Mariusz Wawrzyńczyk from Poland.  You can check out more about our guest juror, plus an interview here.


So let’s on with the show…. please welcome your reigning champion ISA.

Also, here are our hosts for the NFAC 16 contest.  Petra and Danny will be on the main stage and Samir & Viktor will be hosting the green room.


16final running

So let’s have a little recap…

So I guess we need some results?  Click here for the final voting sequence.

Semi Finals Results…

Semi Final 1 – click here for voting grid

nfac16 sf1res

Semi Final 2 – click here for voting grid

nfac16 sf2res

Semi Final 3 – click here for voting grid

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Deadlock-AC results