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NFAC Review


Welcome to NFAC Review, since we started over a year ago now, we’ve been looking at ways to improve NFAC and grow.  I think you will agree that it has come a long way since we started with 20 delegations in August 2015, to now over 80 active players each time in each contest.  With each country, NFAC gets bigger and bigger, and soon we will live in the whole world, just take a look at our world map of players past and present in NFAC.

nfac 17 country map

During our recent meetings at NFAC HQ, we’ve been in contact with several artists, and our first one has approached us to find some feedback from the Eurovision community. And who best to ask other than the NFAC fans and players.

Each time we will ask a certain amount of people to take part in our NFAC Vision Review.  This will be based on your commitment to the NFAC contest itself, due to the sensitive nature of this special review, we need people who are reliable, and this opportunity is giving us a sneak peek of the upcoming national final season.

Check back soon for round 2 of the NFAC Review


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