its been a crazy 2 years…. but we have made it…. we are now entering our 3rd year.


We would like to thank each and everyone one of you past and present for taking part in this contest, which we are very proud which has grown into the biggest social media fandom contest, spanning across Twitter and Facebook. And to all those who follow us, and perhaps will join us in the future. Don’t forget we are always looking for new members of our international jury. Also we are always looking at new ways of allowing new countries to join. Watch this space on news about AsiaVision countries, plus if rumours are to be believed….. Australia will be holding a national final for Eurovision soon.

So to our BIG announcement… but first, the reason why we have added this “country” …. their parent country is the most popular choice when it comes to application time. IN nfac 26 alone, over 15 of you all applied for this country. And for many contest, people have been asking us, why don’t you let this other “country” take part …. We also want to be able to celebrate this country as it is one of the most popular when it comes to national final season …. By now you have guessed it!

aland islands.png

Aland Islands is part of the autonomous region of Finland and is Swedish speaking. We welcome them to the NFAC family, as a way of celebrating our love for both Melfest and UMK.

They will be able to select songs from both national finals from Sweden and Finland… however they must be in Swedish language.