Welcome in Poland! We are in Ergo Arena, built on the border between 2 cities: Gdańsk and Sopot.














Poland hosts the 2nd edition of NFAC Ultimate thank to Margaret, who won the 1st edition. Let’s hear the song once more time!




Here is a look back at the contest last year ….  click here for the full results


And here are our hosts: Edyta Górniak (ESC 1994) and Andrzej Piaseczny (ESC 2001).














We have for You 12 great songs – 11 winners of editions from NFAC 15 to NFAC 25 and the best placed polish entry from this period of time. You can check out how well Poland have placed in the contest since their win in Ultimate NFAC 2016 here.





So here is the list of participants – to see how they did in their retrospective contests click on the country link – click here for the playlist

  1. Romania NFAC 17 – Viky Red “If You Ever Feel”
  2. Monaco NFAC 21 – Loïc Schumacher “Génération Demain” 
  3. Finland NFAC 22 – Emma “Circle Of Light”
  4. Russia NFAC 20 – Катя Савельева “Раскололось надвое”
  5. Azerbaijan NFAC 18 – Safura “Söz Ver”
  6. Slovenia NFAC 24 – BQL “Heart Of Gold”
  7. Spain NFAC 16 Salvador Beltran “Dias De Alegria”
  8. Romania NFAC 19 – Florena “Behind The Shadows”
  9. Latvia NFAC 25 Toms Kalderauskis “We Won’t Back Down”
  10. Sweden NFAC 15 – Isa “I Will Wait”
  11. Albania NFAC 23 – Yll Limani “Shiu”
  12. Poland NFAC 21 – Marcin Mrozinski “Never Felt Like This”



Voting is now OPEN! and will close SATURDAY 24th JUNE at 1800 CEST  results will be on Sunday 25th June 

ALL delegation who vote in Ultimate NFAC 2017 will gain a bonus 12 points for their respective country in NFAC 26. 

Same as our party! Cleo on the stage!