Well we made it, despite some troubles during our live semi final show. Welcome to NFAC 25 Grand Final live from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After three great semi finals, and an eventful Deadlock we have 27 songs left to fight for the title of winner of NFAC 25. Please welcome your host, and Eurovision 2017 entrant, Omar Naber singing the Slovene version of his national final song “I Won’t Give Up”.

Grand Final (Click here for the playlist, recap below)

NFAC 25 GF RO Austria.png

  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Hari Mata Hari “Ne Lomi Me”
  2. Malta – Brooke Borg “Unstoppable”
  3. Croatia – Hari Rončević i kvartet “Bravo”
  4. Poland – Lanberry “Piatek”
  5. Cyprus – Hovig “Goodbye”
  6. Austria – Clara Blume “Love & Stare”
  7. Norway – Ulrikke “Places”
  8. Slovenia – NUŠKA DRAŠČEK “Flower In The Snow”
  9. Italy – Alessio Bernabei “Nel Mezzo Di Un Applauso”
  10. Vatican City – Anna Tatangelo “Libera”
  11. Hungary – Tóth Gabi & Freddie Shuman feat. Lotfi Begi “Hosszú Idők”
  12. Kosovo – Rona Nishliu “Zonja Vdekje”
  13. Slovakia – Tomas Bezdeda “Kazdy Z Nas”
  14. Latvia – Toms Kalderauskis “We Won’t Back Down”
  15. Azerbaijan – Valeriya Hüseynzadə “Ozünə İnan”
  16. Luxembourg – Nathalie Marine “C’est souvent ca l’amour”
  17. San Marino – Nina Zilli “Per Sempre”
  18. Czech Republic – Le Monde “Another Chance”
  19. Estonia – Lenna Kuurmaa “Slingshot”
  20. Iceland – Erna Hrönn & Hjörtur Traustason “Hugur Minn Er”
  21. Ireland – Naoimh Penston “Always You”
  22. Israel – Mei Finegold “Be Proud”
  23. Monaco – Madox “Les Roses Noires”
  24. Andorra – Dani J “Sin Ti”
  25. Russia – Yulia Samoylova “Flame Is Burning”
  26. Greece – Demy “When The Morning Comes Around”
  27. Sweden – Dolly Style “Rollercoaster”

Voting is now open! and will close on June 10th at 1800 CEST. the Grand Final results show will take place on June 11th at 1900 CEST. With applications for NFAC 26 opening up after the results.