What started as a tribute to the lives lost a week ago in Manchester, has ended in drama this evening with the main NFAC twitter account being hacked, leaving us unable to continute the semi final show . you can click here for the full list of qualifiers and deadlock-ac participants.

Let us take a few minutes to remember those who lost their lives in Manchester last week at a truly horrific attack on freedom and love.

We would like to just take a minute to tell you something:

“We started NFAC two years ago to unite the Eurovision fandom with our love of music, and more specifically our love of national finals. Two years have nearly passed and we have grown beyond our own expectations. We want to continue to grow, and add new players, however it seems that the bigger we get the more hate we get. Not only have been endured twitter drama and the loss of our original YouTube account to hackers  now the drama that unfolded this evening, really has affected us beyond belief. But we promise that those who sought to bring us down will not win. We will continue; we will continue to love and spread freedom”.