After a brief bidding process, Ljubljana has been chosen as host city for NFAC 25 with the tag line “Out Of This World”.

Ljubljana, the capital and largest city in Slovenia, in central Europe located as the central crossroads of European cultural and trade routes. Slovenia has been independent from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since 1991.


We will be hosting the shows at an amazing arena in the heart of Ljubljana, and as you can see the arena is like something from out of this world…. Arena Stožice. The venue of the national basketball and handball teams also ACH Volley – a mens volleyball team. Housing capacity of around 17,000 for the contest, it has plenty of room to house both delegations and fans alike.


and your hosts for the evening are:

Raiven and Omar Naber who have both represented Slovenia in NFAC previously, click here to see how they did …