With Eurovision 2017 in full swing, and NFAC coming to the end of another successful year (don’t forget our 2nd year anniversary show coming up in July), today we have learned some news coming from the other side of the world, although technically Kyiv, Ukraine.

ESCDaily.com broke the news exclusively earlier….

The Head of Delegation for Paul Clarke has revealed that Australia’s future in the contest is not as uncertain as we may think. Every year sine their debut in 2015, we are left wondering… will they return? SHOULD they return? it’s the age old question we’ve been asked in the fandom many many times. However it seem that Australia want in on the contest for the foreseeable future, and are now thinking BIG.

They are currently considering the possibility of holding a national selection to determine their entrant for 2018, which is certainly BIG BIG news for both Eurovision fans, and NFAC fans alike. You can be assured that if Australia did win NFAC in the future, our first choice of host would be Lee Lin Chin…


ESCDaily quote Mr Clarke as saying:

“We really admire the way the Swedes do Eurovision,” Clarke explains to us. “I love Melodifestivalen. We were judges there, it is so exciting and passionate. We want our own national final, our own competition that can lead up to a winner for Eurovision. That is, if we are allowed to take part.  We talked to Christer Bjorkman about coming to Australia. He is kind of our mentor. We want him to help us set up such a national final. I think he is one of the best producers in the world.”

So of course, this means that Australia may one day sooner than you think debut also in NFAC. Something we’ve been wanting for a long time. Of course should “Asiavision” finally kick off, Australia will also maybe use a selection process for this too.

Keep an eye out for more information coming from Australia in the coming months….