with the conclusion of NFAC 24 nearing, we would like to officially announced our plans for NFAC 25 so that everyone has time to prepare.

Applications will once again open after the results from the Grand Final of NFAC 24 – so that will be Saturday 6th May at approx. 2000 CEST.

If you would like help with finding out song ready for applications to open make sure you check out our suggested songs list – click here

The contest will then take a break to allow us all to watch Eurovision 2017 with the beginning of Eurovision week.


NFAC 25 will then start on May 17th …

NFAC 25 Appliations – May 6th -May 15th

NFAC 25 Start – May 17th

NFAC 25 Semi Final Voting Deadline May 24th

NFAC 25 Semi Final Show – May 25th

NFAC 25 Deadlock – May 25th -May 27th

NFAC 25 Grand Final starts – May 27th

NFAC 25 Grand Final voting deadline – June 3rd

NFAC 25 Grand Final results – June 4th


If you would like to join our contest as part of a delegation or as part of the international jury don’t forget to DM us on Twitter or Facebook @nfandrachansen