Welcome to Deadlock-AC Duels …. we’ve just finished the semi final results show for #NFAC24 – click here for a summary of the results.

But now we have 6 countries (which finished 9th and 10th in the semi finals) battling it out now for 2 remaining spots in the Grand Final…..

First we have the duel stage – where countries from the same semi final will fight it out for a spot in the Deadlock Gold Final.





Voting in these polls will close at 1900 CEST after which we will go into a FLASH vote in the Gold Final for the final hour at which time – 2100 CEST, the finalists will be known.

Here is the running order known already with position 1 and 17 reserved for DeadlockAC winners

NFAC 24 GF without DL.png