Welcome to Tirana, Albania. Of course you know that Albania won NFAC 23 and have taken the contest back to their home soil  in Tirana.   Well done to @andreaescit for winning the contest and sending this amazing song …


We are at the brand new arena here in Tirana, Arena Kombëtare,  which is actually still partially under construction. But for now the cranes are gone… and the main area is ready for the contest. Temporary tents have been erected in the outer area which are housing the delegation areas which would normally be housed inside the arena. Housing 22,000 people in the arena, the roof area has also been covered by a temporary roof structure.

Please welcome your all male hosts for the contest….

Andri Xhahu, Agim Kaba and Patrick Rukai …

So let’s get on with your show…

Semi Final 1 (click here for the playlist)

Semi final 1 RO

Semi Final 2 (click here for the playlist)


Semi Final 3 (click here for the playlist)



As usual the top 8 from each semi final will go directly to the Grand Final…. then the countries which place in 9th and 10th will go forward to DeadlockAC for the chance to finally make it to the final.

Voting will close on 23rd April at 1800 CEST. Join us for the semi final results on 24th April.