Last week we had some rumours about how transparent is the process of submitting a song in each next edition of NFAC. From a long time we were already thinking about improving it. We tested many solutions. We were also thinking about our own web aplication. For now we decided to use Google Form. It will be on charge already from NFAC24.

1. Collect data

As always You should be prepared to submit a song or songs. Yes! Our new solution will allow You to submit up to 5 songs. You will be sure that each Your wish will be fullfilled in case, if someone was faster than You. If your first choice would be already taken, automatically we try to assign to You your second choice and so on until the 5th one.

Before we open lines, prepare title, artist name, year, country and youtube link of all songs You want to submit.

2. Introduce yourself

First site of submitting form contains 2 required fields. We need Your twitter or facebook account to be able to localise You in social media. Email addresse is needed, because after succesfully filled form, You obtain an email with confirmation, that Your submission was sent to us.


3. Choices

Now its time to specify songs, which You would like to present to the NFAC audience.


Be quick! Required is only to specify 1st choice. If You have no other, just click ‘Next’ button in each next step.


4. Tell us, how much You love us

At the end You can send us any message and grade our contest. Click submit and that’s all. You just sent us the submission to next NFAC edition!


4. First came first served

All submissions made with our Google Form will be collected automatically in one Google Sheet. We will publish the applications times after each application process, this will not only show you who applied for the country FIRST, but also how popular said country is during the applications. A direct link to the page WILL NOT be release due to sensitive information such as email addresses.



Everything to make this process more transparent. From this point of time, no single submission will be set from hand.

List of availables countries will be as always changed asap.4nfac app.png