Welcome once again to Northern Finland to the city of Oulu. The biggest most northerly city in the world outside of Russia.

We are here to celebrate the 23rd contest of NFAC. Once again coming live from Finland after their 3rd win in Bern in NFAC 22. A contest hosted by MONACO. Let’s start the show, please welcome the reason we are here … EMMA!

NFAC 23 logo

Please welcome your hosts … Saara Aalto and Lorenz Backman

So let’s start the show… later Saara Aalto will be taking to the stage to show us the reason why Finland have won NFAC 3 times already ….


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  1. Netherlands – The Millionaires “Fantasy Island”
  2. Italy – Ermal Meta “Vietato Moirire”
  3. San Marino – Bianca Atzei “Il Solo Al Mondo”
  4. Ukraine – Tayanna “I Love You”
  5. Liechtenstein – Luxuslärm “Solange Liebe in mir wohnt”
  6. Denmark – Ditte Marie “Overflow”
  7. Romania – Instinct “Petale”
  8. Hungary – Spoon 21 “Deák”
  9. Ireland – Vangelis Polydorou “Home”
  10. Luxembourg – Gerry+Me “Schön gelacht”
  11. Austria – Vincent Bueno “All We Need Is That Love”
  12. Finland – Günther & D’Sanz “Love Yourself”
  13. Norway – AnnSofi “I’m With You”
  14. Serbia – Dusan Zrnic “Sto prolazim”
  15. Albania – Yll Limani “Shiu”
  16. Switzerland – Lidia Isac & Daniele Guastella “The Life Beyond”
  17. Azerbaijan – Safura “Under My Skin”
  18. United Kingdom – Holly Brewer “I Wish I Loved You More”
  19. Monaco – Carrousel “J’avais rendez-vous”
  20. Andorra – Javian “No Somos Heroes”
  21. Belgium – White Bird “Fire & Ice”
  22. Germany – Noize Generation feat. Patrik Jean “A Song For You”
  23. Montenegro – Leontina “Zamisli”
  24. Armenia – The Beautified Project “Butterfly”
  25. Belarus – Nuteki “Take My Heart”
  26. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Hari Mata Hari & Eldin Huseinbegović “je samo to što daš’”
  27. Iceland – Aron Hannes & Siris “Tonight”

So let’s it. Who do you want to win NFAC 23? Send your top 10 votes via DM through Twitter @nfandrachansen or email nfandrachansen@gmail.com

Voting will close Saturday 8th April 1800 CEST, and the result will be announced Sunday 9th April 1900 CEST.

Whilst you decide your votes, let’s have some music….. please welcome your interval act… Saara Aalto.