You may well be in shock right now that Sweden did not qualify in NFAC 23 for the Grand Final….

NFAC felt it necessary to release our very own STATEMENT in relation to the shocking results in NFAC 23.

It is a fundamental rule in NFAC that a country MUST submit votes in at least the semi final they are taking part in.  Sweden, and a number of other countries (France, Spain and Greece) failed to due to this before the deadline. Therefore they lost the majority of their International Jury scores. The voting of the countries were however was covered with several new members of the contest or from the International Jury themselves.

Sweden – @AlesiaMichelle

France – @KathLockett

Spain – @joanne_1993_

Greece – @adriann00b

Out of the interest of fair play we felt it was neccasry to deduct their jury votes because of the breach in the rules from their original delegation members. We felt it wouldn’t be fair to put those through which WOULD have qualified (Sweden and France) despite a new member taking them over.

Please remember that voting in NFAC is very important. We normally have all our members take part, and in NFAC 23 we seemed to attract the attention of some Twitter trolls which saw the need to bring the contest into disrepute. Peope like this are not welcome in this contest which has a very LOYAL RESPECTFUL and GROWING community since we started nearly 2 years ago now.