It is come to light yesterday that some people who do not take part in the NFAC contest, some have in past, have been accusing NFAC of bias in regards to country application, with talk of corruption.

We wanted to clear a few things up….

@refshaleon has never been guaranteed Azerbaijan as his country, and in fact lost the country after NFAC 20, when another delegation applied for the country. This is a similar situation when the mentioned delegation was taking part as Hungary, losing this country in NFAC 6 when someone else applied. In NFAC 23, he also lost the country of Georgia, and chose to take on one of the less popular countries – Kazakhstan, which once again didn’t have anyone apply for.

in regards to the rest of the team who play in the contest, @wojciechProma and @ESCMattez – they both have to apply for their countries at the same time as everyone else. You may remember that the latter player was frequently Greece, until he the lost the country in the application process.

The rest of the team who help with various elements of the contest, do not take part in the contest as countries.

During the application process, a player, who will be left unmentioned, applied for Norway when the applications opened. However lost this country to another player, a player who is in “friends”, and the aforementioned player has constantly complained about the fact he lost out, saying he applied dead on the time. I’m sure you can realise that as soon as the applications open, there are many applications all at the same time. all time stamped with the same time. the only way to see who has applied first, is the order in which they come through on Twitter. This is something out of our control, and is the only way to deal with the situation where 30 something people all apply at the same time for countries. The player has since called NFAC corrupt for no apparently valid reason.

OF COURSE there are always going to be some disappointed players, NFAC is a very popular contest, and it is something which we are very proud of, and which continues to grow, with new players, new juries, esc stars that take part, and new countries which hold national finals or have evidence of internal selections for contests such as Eurovision, Junior Eurovision, Turkvizyon and Bala Turkvizyon.

The addition of newer countries recently and the rule of borrowing songs for countries like Liechtenstein, Andorra, Luxembourg and Monaco etc, was voted BY THE PLAYERS, and was designed to make the contest more open and bring some excitement back to the contest, especially when the domination of a popular country started to demoralise players. Also a decision which seemed popular when Monaco won the contest in NFAC 21.

We at NFAC do not find the need to block many people, but in the last 24 hours, we have found the need to block people who sort to bring this contest down and to make it fail. The motive for this remain unknown to us, but we ask for the NFAC community of players to come together and rise above the haters, and join us for our love of music and not only that but national finals.

We hope to see you again soon for NFAC 24 and to celebrate our 2 year anniversary coming up soon.  For now let’s enjoy NFAC 23 – click here