Oulu has been chosen as the host city of NFAC 23. The third time that Finland will be hosting the contest, and once again, to be held outside of the capital, Helsinki.

The most populous city in Northern Finland, and fifth overall, Oulu comes from Sami language meaning “Flood Water”. Oulu is the largest city this far north in the world, outside of Russia.


Predominately an ice hockey arena, Oulun Energia Areena,  will host the shows during the contest, and the interior will be transformed into a 8,000 seated arena all gathered to watch the 23rd contest of NFAC. Finland won the rights to host the contest after narrowly beating Austria to the twin, with their song “Circle Of Light” by Emma. It is the third time that Finland have won the contest, and 2nd time for delegation @calmafterthetim who has created the empowerment idea and slogan of “Love Yourself” which also happened to be the name of their host entry. More on that soon.

The hosts for the contest will be Lorenz Backman and Saara Aalto

The contest will start on Saturday and important dates for the contest will be as follow:

Semi Final Draw – 17.03.2017

Semi Final Launch – 18.03.2017

Semi Final Voting Deadline – 25.03.2017 1800 CET

Semi Final Show – 26.03.2017

Deadlock – 26.03.2017 – 27.03. 2017

Grand Final Launch – 28.03.2017

Grand Final Voting Deadline – 08.04.2017 1800 CET

Grand Final Results – 09.04.2017

NFAC 24 Applications (for May after ESC) – 09.04.2017