Mihai Trăistariu joined our very first Special Guest Star Jury back in July 2016  and has represented Romania in the contest 3 times as both a solo star and a member of band Valahia. Remember in NFAC 13, he finished 2nd with a massive 236 points with his 2016 song Paradisio.

He is back again with another song for the Romanian national final, this time with “I Won’t Surrender” and it certainly seems that he wont surrender his dream of getting back on that Eurovision stage.

We wish M I H A I the best of luck for Sunday’s national final show. We will be here at NFAC HQ waving our Romanian flags in support for him, and we really hope to see him in Kyiv, Ukraine.

With many songs he has submitted for Romania, we are sure we will see MIHAI back at the NFAC contest soon, if you’d like to represent Romania in the NFAC contest click here, and send us a DM to twitter account @nfandrachansen.

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