Martin Fitch you will remember represented his native country, Poland, back in Eurovision 2010 with the dramatic song “Legenda” under his birth name Marcin Mroziński. Despite not quite making it to the Final in Oslo, he’s never shyed away from the Eurovision world since.

He is back for the 2017 Polish national final, Krajowe Eliminacje, with song ready to compete, “Fight For Us”, an amazing emotive ballad which is very apt for the current situation that we all find ourselves in at the minute. We’ve all got to fight for what we believe in.

Martin Fitch took part in our International Jury for the NFAC 17 contest back in September 2016, and his previous song “Never Felt Like This Before” back from the 2009 selection, finished top 5 for Poland in NFAC 21. So it is evident that Martin is still very popular in the fandom.

We at NFAC would like to send our biggest Good Luck wishes to Martin this evening, no matter what happens we are proud to call you our friend.

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