It is official! A hosting city for NFAC 22 with Monaco state broadcaster, TMC and delegation @Eurovision_cz at the helm of hosting procedures, has been chosen ….

BERN, Switzerland will used to host the 22nd edition of NFAC, the biggest national final contest on the internet.


It wasn’t the smoothest of decision which had to be made for this edition. The head of delegation of Switzerland seemed unhappy with the decision that their country was being used, despite not retaining any hosting rights alongside Monaco, and the matter was taken to the Swiss Government which voted massively in favour of hosting the contest in the Swiss country. After a short bid, it was decided that Bern would be used, and the PostFinance Arena in the heart of Bern.

Primarily used as an ice hockey arena, is home to SC Bern, will house 20,000 people for the NFAC contest.

Bernard Montiel has also been chosen as main solo host for the contest. But will be joined on stage by various “Swiss helpers” during the show… more information soon.