This weekend, we have been in many a meeting with the delegation of Monaco and the team at NFAC about how Monaco will be able to host such a big contest as NFAC with around 50 countries taking part, despite their biggest venue being only to cater for 3,000 people….

Monaco Logo 4.png

But today we can officially reveal that Monaco will be teaming up with Switzerland in hosting the 22nd edition of NFAC. The first time which something like this has happened…. Monaco will still retain all hosting privileges, and will go straight to the Grand Final, and still vote in all 3 semi finals…. and Switzerland will still take place in the semi finals as usual. It just so happens that we are boring the land of Switzerland for hosting the contest.

A bid now for the hosting within Switzerland is now open! and 4 cities have been shortlisted by the delegation of Monaco and the NFAC team:

  • Bern
  • Geneva
  • Lausanne
  • Zürich

A decision on the hosting city is due very soon, as is a detailed look at each city in question… for now enjoy your 21st winner of the NFAC contest.