For a while now we have been working on a way to make this contest even more exciting than it already is …. I know right… how could it get even better?

Well we have the answer … in order to increase competition we are welcoming microstates back to the contest and have given them more powers.

All the above countries, or microstates, have already taken part in the NFAC contest, but since have either ran out of available songs, or only have one possible artist, which is getting very predictable. So we are welcoming them back with the ability to choose songs from other countries. HOWEVER, the song must be sang in their national language.

  • Andorra – Catalan/Spanish
  • Liechtenstein – German
  • Luxembourg – French/German
  • Monaco – French
  • San Marino – Italian

Yes you read that correctly…. we are also welcoming Liechtenstein to the NFAC family! Since NFAC you guys have welcomed Monaco to the family, and they made it to the Grand Final in NFAC 21 on their second attempt. So our talks in the NFAC team have been rife about widening the field to welcome the much loved abstentee to the Eurovision family, Liechtenstein. We hope you are as welcoming to these guys as you have been for Monaco.

The new rules for song selection for the 5 microstates stated will come into play during the upcoming contest NFAC 22.

Don’t forget to vote in NFAC 21 Grand Final if you haven’t done so already, voting closes in less than 24 hours. 09/02/2017 1800 CET.