Over the last 48 hours we have been through some very important meetings here at NFAC HQ.

Founder @refshaleoen asked the board to step down from operations for a short period of time due to personal issues. @EscMattez and @WojciechProma agreed to take on the contest for the future until such a time that @Refshaleoen re-joined the team.

Today a further meeting has been held about the many aspects of the contest. And the conclusion of the meeting saw @refshaleon re join, and the team have agreed to not continue with the #NFACpredictions for this season. It is something that we are very interested in, for the future. And if you want to join the team ready for the next season, so we can further build upon the NFAC name, DM us on twitter @Nfandrachansen.

Just over a year ago, the contest began with just one person at the helm – @Refshaleoen. Since then we have gained help from @EscMattez and @WojciechProma which together have built the name of NFAC and the contest of national final songs into something that we are very proud and passionate about.

We want to concentrate on the thing that we are great at, and something which you guys also seem more excited about. We feel there is no point in diluting the name of NFAC if it means that the contest suffers. So we are going back to basics. For now.

NFAC 21 will continue and will be ready to start from tomorrow 25/01/2017. We will have recaps and playlist ready for you as usual.

We hope to have your enthusiasm and support continuing for the future at NFAC.

NFAC Team x (Refshaleoen, Escmattez, WojciechProma)