So our national final season has officially begun. As a warm up we had our vote in Albania … but now it is time to get SERIOUS.

Belarus are about to show us the songs that will compete in Eurofest 2017. We at NFAC want to see who YOU guys want to win the national final….. So let’s DO THIS!

All you have to do is submit your top 10 songs to us from the national final. And we’ll add them all together to come up with the NFAC favourite.

Click here for the full playlist and the recap will be below.

  1. July “Children Of The World
  2. Lexy Weaver “Be Stronger”
  3. Vladislav Kurasov “Follow The Play”
  4. NAVI “Historyia majho žyccia”
  5. Isaac Nightingale “One The Red Line”
  6. Kattie “Wild Wind”
  7. Nuteki “Take My Heart”
  8. NAPOLI “Let’s Come Together”
  9. Nikita Hodas “Voices In My Head”
  10. Angelica Pushnova “We Should Be Together”
  11. Anastasiya Sheverenko “We’ll Be Together”
  12. Lermont x Julic “Heartbeat”
  13. PROvokatsiya “#mylove”

So send your top 10 votes via DM or email in the usual ESC way. Voting in Belarus will close on Friday 19th January. Results will be announced shortly before the national final.