Welcome to our first vote of the National Final season. We have some great national finals coming up this month including Belarus, UK and Finland…. Watch out for prediction votes on those coming soon!

To kick off our National Final season we want to do a retrospective vote to see who were our favourites in FIK 55 – the Albanian national final ready for Eurovision 2017. This will obviously help out the delegation in NFAC enabling them to see who are the most liked songs that are considered for the NFAC contest, also allowing us to have our very own Eurovision 2017 playlist of songs that YOU wanted to represent each country.

So first up – ALBANIA!

You can click here for the full playlist or watch the recap we made below.

NFACAlbania 2017.png

All you have to do is vote for your personal top 10 songs. You can rank ANY of them in ANY order. Did you agree with the winning song? Or did you want someone else to win? Let us know with your top 10 votes. Send your votes via DM in the usual way.

Voting will close on Friday 13th after which we will reveal our results in a very special SCOREWIZ. The vote for Albania will not count towards our NFAC Predictions table due to it being easy to predict the winners. But more information on the NFAC Predictions table will be coming in time for the next national final vote.