Welcome to Romania. We are here once again after Florena won NFAC 19 with her song “Behind The Shadow” with a record breaking score.

Once again we have 3 semis finals for you, with 52 competing to qualify for the Grand Final and join Romania in the final. 8 countries from each semi final will qualify with the countries in 9th and 10th going through to Deadlock-AC to compete in a flash vote to then be given their Andra Chansen to compete in the Grand Final.


Let’s start with the show.

Hosting NFAC 20 are 2010 and 2014 representatives Ovi and Paula Seling. Flirting his way through the green room, let’s hope he keeps his clothes on (or not ;p) Mihai Traistraiu will be providing some incite and gossip with the stars.

We are here in Cluj-Napoca at the amazing Cluj Arena housing over 65,000 fans. Another open air festival show for us in Romania.

Your hosts for this evening have a surprise for you….

Semi Final 1 (playlist here)


  1. Montenegro – Vasilije Ojdanić “Zauvijek”
  2. Portugal – Rubi Machado “Quando A Lua Voltar A Passar”
  3. Malta – Franklin Calleja “Little Love”
  4. United Kingdom – Matthew James “A Better Man”
  5. Denmark – David Jay “Rays of Sunlight”
  6. Austria – Sara Koell “Closer To The Sun”
  7. Estonia – Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers “Troubles”
  8. Italy – Francesco Gabbani “Amen”
  9. Macedonia – Eye Cue “Ubava”
  10. Hungary – SZÉCSI SACI & SZÉCSI BÖBE “Our Time”
  11. Poland – Dominika Ptak “Jak Kropla”
  12. Belarus – Maria Zhilina “Vpripryzhku”
  13. Moldova – Chriss Jeff “Good Life”
  14. Kazakhstan – Бейбіт Кушкалиев “Қайтесің өзгені”
  15. Ukraine – Lissa Wassabi “No Fear”
  16. Tatarstan -Булгар кызлары “Шэл бэйлэдем”
  17. Lithuania – Ruslanas Kirilkinas “In My World”
    Romania (direct to final) – Andra feat. Simplu “Dracula, My Love”

Semi Final 2 (playlist here)


  1. Latvia – Markus Riva “Lights On”
  2. Finland – Saara Aalto “Meant To Be”
  3. Albania – Blerina Braka “Mikja Ime”
  4. Sweden – Eddie Razaz “Alibi”
  5. Kyrgyzstan – Мээрим Абдыкалыкова “Ойлодун бекен”
  6. Iceland – Jógvan Hansen & Stefanía Svavarsdóttir “Til þín”
  7. Netherlands – LAS Vocal O’G3NE “Just A Matter Of Time”
  8. Russia – Катя Савельева “Раскололось надвое”
  9. Germany – Nica & Joe “Elevated”
  10. Switzerland – Scilla “Masquerade”
  11. Slovenia – April “Ladadidej”
  12. Bashkortostan – Торатау “На ветру я найду тебя”
  13. Monaco – Roberto Bellarosa “Reste Toi”
  14. Israel – Judah Gavra “We’re Beautiful”
  15. Azerbaijan – Erkin Osmanli “Girls, Girls, Girls”
  16. Norway – A1 “Don’t Wanna Lose You Again”
  17. Armenia – David Ashotyan “Infected Dreams”
  18. Serbia – Maja Odzaklijevska “Andjeo S Neba”

Romania (direct to final) -Andra feat. Simplu “Dracula, My Love”

Semi Final 3 (playlist here)


  1. Ireland – Sean Monaghan “Amhran An Ronnach”
  2. France – Lionel Tim “Je M’envole”
  3. Luxembourg – Joëlle “Il Etait Une Fois”
  4. Spain – Jorge González “La Voz”
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Deen “Wanted To Make It”
  6. San Marino – Massimo Bertacci “Credo”
  7. Belgium – Petra “Wonderland”
  8. Croatia – Alen Vitasović & Lela Kaplowitz “Tamo Gdje Ljubav Počinje”
  9. Slovakia – Peter Bažík “Paradise vs. Babylon”
  10. Georgia – Sofia Nizharadze “Our World”
  11. Czech Republic – Cechomor “Jozef, Moj Kochany”
  12. Greece – Christos Dantis “No Madonna”
  13. Andorra – Bis A Bis “Anep Cap Al Nord”
  14. Cyprus – Deep Zone “Play”
  15. Bulgaria – Sofi Marinova & Slavi Trifanov “Edinstveni”
  16. Turkey – Sertab Erener “Sen Benimlesin”
  17. Yugoslavia – Bebi Dol “Zrno Neznosti”

Romania (direct to final) – Andra feat. Simplu “Dracula, My Love”


Voting is now OPEN! Vote for your top 10 favourites (Esc Style – 12, 10, 8-1) send your votes in via twitter @Nfandrachansen or email nfandrachansen@gmail.com. You can also vote in the other semi finals if you wish as part of the delegation vote.

Voting will close 20th December 2016 at 2000 CET, with our Semi Final show taking part at 1900 CET on 21st December. Who will qualify?