Welcome to Azerbaijan!


So Azerbaijan narrowly won NFAC 18 to be able to host the contest in beautiful Baku. Azerbaijan are back again to win the contest, and become the first country to win back to back. Azerbaijan always love to make records in the music industry.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the contest this time, the contest keeps on getting bigger and better each time, and that’s all down to the commitment of not only the NFAC team but the NFAC fans… we are truly grateful to each and everyone one of you, who take time each and every month to celebrate with us, music from around the world.

Please welcome the girl that brought the contest back to Azerbaijan…. Safura… with a very special version of the winning song “Soz Ver”

We are here in the massive National Stadium, in the heart of Baku. Built only recently for the hosting of the first European Games in 2015. What an amazing chance to show the world again, what Azerbaijan can achieve, by putting on the biggest national final contest in the world – NFAC. Please welcome your hosts, Emin Agalarov, Leyla Aliyev and Farid Mammadov.

Let’s get on with the show.

(Playlist can be found here, recap below.


  1. Spain – Spain – Pastora Soler “Tu Vida Es Tu Vida”
  2. Hungary – Szakács Gergő “Ősz Utca”
  3. Stavropol Krai – Islam Satyrov “Sagynaman”
  4. Macedonia – Lambe Alabakovski “Ke Te Cekam Jas”
  5. Italy – Dear Jack “Il Mondo Esplode Tranne Noi”
  6. Switzerland – Evelyn Zangger “Have A Little Faith In Me”
  7. Germany – Betty Dittrich “LaLaLa”
  8. Armenia – Lilu “Yet Ari”
  9. Croatia – Filip Dizdar “Sunce”
  10. Iceland – Yohanna “Þú”
  11. Belgium – Sandrine “I Feel The Same Way”
  12. Uzbekistan – Amira Alibekova “Ikki Sohillar”
  13. Russia – Chinkong feat. Karina “High Up”
  14. Cyprus – Hovig “Stone In A River”
  15. Serbia – Aleksandra Dabic “Savresen Kraj”
  16. Belarus – Alexey Gross “The Flame”
  17. Slovenia – Tinkara Kovač “Zakaj”
  18. Sweden – Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry”
  19. Turkey – Hadise “Don’t Ask”
  20. Malta – Daniel Testa “One Last Ride”
  21. Bulgaria – Дани Милев “Светлината и мрака”
  22. Azerbaijan – Nigar Huseynova “I Still Believe”
  23. Ukraine – SunSay “Love Manifest”
  24. San Marino – Elnur Huseynov “If You’re Never Back”
  25. Kabardino-Balkaria – Islam Appayev “унутма мени”
  26. Romania – Florena “Behind The Shadows”
  27. Yugoslavia – Kaliopi “Emanuel”

Voting will be open until 23rd November 2016 at 1800 CET (1700 GMT), and our Grand Final results show will be 24th Novemeber at 2000 CET. Applications for NFAC 20 will open soon after the results have been announced. If you are currently looking for your next song, don’t forget to check out our suggested playlists here. If you have any questions regarding participation in NFAC 20 let us know (the 20th contest is set to run longer than usual due to Christmas and New Year).

Good luck to everyone in the final of NFAC 19, and may the best song win.