What a semi final show we just had …  now it’s time for Deadlock-AC and to see who has made it through to the Andra Chansen round for their final chance of making the final.

Countries which placed 9th and 10th in all 3 semi finals, have been added to Deadlock-AC, and now only 2 will make it to the Grand Final, joining the 24 qualifiers from the semi finals, plus host country, Azerbaijan, who are represented by Nigar Huseynova with her song “I Still Believe”

So onto our Andra Chansen, and time to Relight The Fire from two delegations.

Playlist can be found here, and recap below.


  1. Norway – Stine Hole Ulla “Traces”
  2. Poland – Kasia Cerekwicka “Na kolana”
  3. Finland – Mikko Pohjola “Sängyn Reunalla”
  4. Uzbekistan – Amira Alibekova “Ikki Sohillar”
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Deen “Trebam Te”
  6. Germany – Betty Dittrich “LaLaLa”

Voting will be open for 21 hours, and will close 15th November at 1800 CET (1700 GMT), after which time we will confirm the full Grand Final running order, but so far it looks like this…


After a really tough and close Deadlock-AC, we have two winners…


A random draw was made to determine which country will perform 7th and 12th – the two spots left after the initial running order draw… So here is your Grand Final running order. Voting will open tomorrow in NFAC 19 Grand Final. We will now prepare an amazing show for you in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Good luck to everyone in the final.