This is it!
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will close the 2016 Eurovision saison and…
will open the next saison of NFAC Predictions!
Tajba filgħaxija f’Malta! Good evening from Malta!


After ukrainian victory in ESC and polish success in Eurovision for Young Musicians, who should be the next most talented young vocalist in Europe? There are 17 incredible and wonderful songs sang in 17 different languages. Here is a list of all participants in our custom order:

You can check out the full playlists here

Australia – Alexa Curtis “We are“,
Belarus – Alexander Minyonok “Musyka Moih Pobed (Music Is My Only Way)“,
Ukraine – Sofia Rol “Planet Craves for Love“,
Serbia – Dunja Jelicic “U La La La“,
Italy – Fiamma Boccia “Cara Mamma“,
Russia – Water of Live Project “Water of Life“,
Albania – Klesta Qehaja “Besoj“,
The Netherlands – Kisses “Kisses & Dancing“,
Georgia – Mariam Mamadashvili “Mzeo“,
Macedonia – Martija Stanojkovic “Love Will Lead Our Way“,
Poland – Olivia Wieczorek “Nie zapomnij“,
Malta – Christina “Parachute“,
Israel – Shir & Tim “Follow my heart
Armenia – Anahit & Mary “Tarber“,
Ireland – Zena Donnelly “Brice Ar Bhrice“,
Cyprus – George Michaelides “Dance Floor“,
Bulgaria – Lidia Ganeva “Magical Day“.

Our special recap should help You to make the right decision!

As already announced we are preparing our site to handle with the next season of NFAC Predictions. We will take part in each national final, which will take place before ESC 2017!

Let be Junior ESC a warmer for You and a dress rehearsal for us, if everything is properly prepared for our polls.

We are awaiting your votes to help us create a Junior ESC 2016 NFAC Prediction. Remember to send us your votes and a country, which You are representing.

Deadline: 19.11.2016 1800 CET.
Shortly before the final of Junior ESC we will announce our results!