Welcome to Azerbaijan …

We are here in the beautiful National Stadium in the heart of Baku. 80,000 people are here; delegations, press and fans from all over the world.

We also welcome Armenia to the contest, and focus on peace.

This is the biggest music contest that Azerbaijan have staged since Eurovision in 2012, and now they would like to invite you “Relight Our Fire”, a special performance from one of the world’s biggest bands and personal friends of Emin Agalarov will be joining us for the Grand Final, but for now we will keep it a secret.

Here to open the show is former Eurovision stars; Farid Mammadov and Sabina Babayeva, singing the national anthem of Azerbaijan. Included are the national childrens choir from local schools.

Please welcome your hosts for the NFAC 19 contest; Пожалуйста, приветствуем ваши хосты; Lütfen ev hoş geldiniz;

Emin Agalarov, Leyla Aliyev and Farid Mammadov

Now onto our show. Thank you to everyone who has entered the 19th contest of NFAC. Remember the updated rules on the contest can be found here, which includes the new rules of second chance songs; Andra Chansen. This is our biggest ever contest, with 57 entries for you. Azerbaijan and the delegation @refshaleoen have arranged an amazing show for you; including some very ethnic interval performances to come.

Let’s start the show

SEMI FINAL 1 (playlist can be found here, recap below)

NFAC 19 - Semifinal 1 - Running Order.png

  1. Finland – Mikko Pohjola “Sängyn Reunalla”
  2. Italy – Dear Jack “Il Mondo Esplode Tranne Noi”
  3. Denmark – Muri & Mario “To Stjerner”
  4. Ukraine – SunSay “Love Manifest”
  5. Estonia – Põhja-Tallinn Ft. Jaagup Kreem “Eiolemulolla”
  6. Portugal – Yola Dinis “Outra vez primavera”
  7. Albania – Jozefina Simoni “Një det me ty”
  8. Romania – Florena “Behind The Shadows
  9. Norway – Stine Hole Ulla “Traces”
  10. Cyprus – Hovig “Stone In A River”
  11. Belarus – Alexey Gross “The Flame”
  12. Hungary -Szakács Gergő “Ősz Utca”
  13. Austria – Kevin Etheridge “Palmtrees On Your Mind”
  14. Switzerland – Evelyn Zangger “Have A Little Faith In Me”
  15. Sweden – Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry”
  16. Latvia – Ralfs Eilands & Valters Puce “Revelation”
  17. Ireland – Patricia Roe “Don’t Hold On”
  18. Greece – C:Real “Crash & Burn”

Azerbaijan as hosts – Nigar Huseynova “I Still Believe”

SEMI FINAL 2 (playlist can be found here, recap below)

NFAC 19 - Semifinal 2 - Running Order.png

  1. Tatarstan – Гульназ Батталова “Син чакыр мине” 
  2. Germany – Betty Dittrich “LaLaLa”
  3. Spain – Pastora Soler “Tu Vida Es Tu Vida”
  4. Malta – Daniel Testa “One Last Ride”
  5. Northern Cyprus – Fikrican Kayıkçı “Ağlarsan Düşerim”
  6. Kyrgyzstan – Чоро тобу “Тоолук кыз”
  7. Croatia – Filip Dizdar “Sunce”
  8. Serbia – Aleksandra Dabic “Savresen Kraj”
  9. Iceland – Yohanna “Þú”
  10. Kabardino-Balkaria -Islam Appayev “унутма мени”
  11. Lithuania – Gabrielė “Beautiful Life”
  12. Slovakia – Horska Chata “Myslíš, že vieš kto som?”
  13. Uzbekistan – Amira Alibekova “Ikki Sohillar”
  14. Kazakhstan -Бейбіт Кушкалиев “Берілме”
  15. Macedonia – Lambe Alabakovski “Ke Te Cekam Jas”
  16. Israel – Hen Cohen “My Heart’s Asks”
  17. Moldova – Cristina Croitoru “Fight For Love”
  18. Bashkortostan – Robert Yuldashev & Kuraysy “Nature’s Wind”
  19. San Marino – Elnur Huseynov “If You’re Never Back”

Azerbaijan as hosts – Nigar Huseynova “I Still Believe”

SEMI FINAL 3 (playlist can be found here, and recap below)

NFAC 19 - Semifinal 3 - Running Order.png

  1. Belgium – Sandrine “I Feel The Same Way”
  2. France – Pedro Alves “Plus Jamais, Never More”
  3. Yugoslavia – Kaliopi “Emanuel”
  4. Slovenia – Tinkara Kovač “Zakaj   “
  5. Luxembourg – Park Café “Je L’aime”
  6. Armenia – Lilu “Yet Ari”
  7. Georgia – Kate Samkharadzr “Akhali Dghe”
  8. Turkey – Hadise “Don’t Ask”
  9. Montenegro – Flamingosi feat Luis “Ludi Letnji Ples”
  10. Andorra – Marta Roure “Terra”
  11. Poland – Kasia Cerekwicka “Na kolana”
  12. The Netherlands -Meänder “Tusken Skimer En Ljocht”
  13. Crimea – Сабрие Змирвели “Yaya”
  14. Stavropol Krai – Islam Satyrov “Sagynaman”
  15. Bulgaria – Дани Милев “Светлината и мрака”
  16. Czech Republic – Gipsy.z “Do You Wanna”
  17. United Kingdom – Madison Taylor “It Just Gets Better”
  18. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Deen “Trebam Te”
  19. Russia – Chinkong feat. Karina “High Up”

Azerbaijan as hosts – Nigar Huseynova “I Still Believe”

Don’t forget that along with your votes for your own semi final, you can now vote in the other semi finals as part of the new Delegation Vote, if you want to be able to influence the winners and losers from each semi final. Also so that you have time to listen to all of the songs before the Grand Final. Submit these votes along with your own semi votes in the usual way. For more information on the Delegation Vote DM us at @nfandrachansen

Information and interview with the Special Guest Jury will be released very soon, for now let’s enjoy some Azerbaijani interval music.

OMG! what a show that was…

Voting is now open, and will remain open until Monday 14th November 2017 1800 CET (1700 GMT). The Semi Final results show will take place 15th November at 2000 CET (1900 GMT). Votes to be sent via Twitter @Nfandrachansen, Facebook via Executive Supervisor or via email nfandrachansen@gmail.com. Voting in ESC style as usual 12, 10, 8-1.

The votes from the delegations will be added to the votes from the international juries. The top 8 in each semi final will qualify for the Grand Final, countries that placed in 9th and 10th will be given the chance to qualify through Deadlock-AC. The top 2 in Deadlock will then qualify for the Grand Final also, all to join Azerbaijan as host country in the Grand Final. May the best songs qualify.

Good luck to everyone in the semi finals.