Today is has been revealed that the National Stadium is to be used to host the NFAC 19 contest in Baku. The stadium beat fan favourite Crystal Hall  in order to host the biggest NFAC contest to date. The decision was made due to the fact that the number of delegations has increased to 57 for the 19th contest, which is bigger than the contest have ever had.

The National Stadium will be able to host a massive 80,000 people for the concert which will feature a central 360-degree stage


There will be an amazing opening ceremony at the National Stadium later this evening, featuring some past Eurovision stars, plus Nigar Huseynova will perform the host entry “I Still Believe”.

We can also reveal the hosts of the event that will span 3 semi finals, deadlock-AC and the Grand Final…

Please welcome the hosts – Emin Agalarov, Leylva Aliyev and Farid Mammadov. They will host the show in English, Russian and Azeri.

Remember to join us tonight for the opening show.