UK new and upcoming artist Twisted Rio has joined the International Jury for NFAC 18.  He has watched the songs from the semi final and Deadlock-AC stage and submitted his votes for them.  Now he is in the middle of voting in the Grand Final.

You may remember, Twisted Rio finished 12th in the Grand Final of NFAC 17 with his song “We Only Live Once” – thanks to delegation @Tyrone_Jones who sent that song for us to enjoy, and Twisted Rio has a little message to all those who voted for him in NFAC 17…

Twisted Rio is a singer/songwriter from Kent, UK, who is a big LGBT support and makes appearance at many of the Pride events.  His debut album, We Only Live Once was released this year and includes two songs which he has sent to the BBC for consideration for Eurovision.  If you liked what you heard from him in his NFAC song, We Only Live ONce, check him out – click here for the official album teaser.

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We wish Twisted Rio the best for his bid for Eurovision in 2017, and we will work closely with him to help whenever we can.  Please check out his 2017 song, Back To That here…