Welcome back to Bucharest, Good Europe and beyond. Welcome to Bucharest, Romania, host of NFAC 18.  We have had 3 great semi finals, and it is fair to say we may have just witnessed the biggest shock ever in Deadlock-AC.  But on we go to find the 18th winner of NFAC.  A big thank you to everyone who has taken part in this contest, past and present (and all those of you who are reading this wanting to join – DM us), we couldn’t make this contest without you guys, we are very thankful for your guys support and dedication.

So let’s start the show…

Thank you to delegation @OgaeMoldova and Viky Red who brought the contest finally to Romania…. please welcome to the stage your hosts…


NFAC 18 Grand Final (click here for the full playlist)

  1. Israel – Boaz Mauda & Oshrat Phapir “Parparim”
  2. Greece – Sakis Rouvas “Out Of Control”
  3. Sweden – Mariette “Don’t Stop Believing”
  4. Ukraine – Eduard Romanyutu “I’ll Never Let You Go”
  5. Kazakhstan – Диас Аблаев “Жыраққа”
  6. Finland – Saara Aalto “Blessed With Love”
  7. Cyprus – Emily “Right In”
  8. Moldova – Dara “Open Your Eyes”
  9. Hungary – Petruska “Trouble In My Mind”
  10. Lithuania – Vaidas Baumila “Tik Žmogus”
  11. Netherlands – Johnny Rosenberg “When Forever Ends”
  12. Norway – Freddy Kalas “Feel Da Rush”
  13. Italy – Lorenzo Fragola “Infinite Voite”
  14. Poland – Defis “Cure For Life”
  15. Romania – Valahia “Mama”
  16. United Kingdom – The Revelations “It’s You”
  17. Macedonia – Tose Proeski “Solzi Pravat”
  18. Georgia – Ievan Jibladze “It’s My Life”
  19. Spain – Auryn “Volver”
  20. France – Sasha “Alive”
  21. Bulgaria – Mastilo “Getting Crazy”
  22. Belarus – Alexey Gross “Stand As One”
  23. Azerbaijan – Safura “Söz Ver”
  24. Armenia – Sirusho “I Still Breathe”
  25. Germany – Das Gezeichnete Ich “Weil Du Da Bist”
  26. Turkey – Hadise “Askkolik”
  27. Portugal – Rui Andrade “Em Nome Do Amor”


Voting will close on Wednesday 26th October at 1800 CEST, so you have 6 days to vote. All voting as usual by ESC STYLE via DM on twitter @nfandrachansen or via email.

Good luck to all.

Your interval act this evening, is Eurovision power houses, Ovi & Paula.