October, the gold autumn of central Europe will host the 18th edition of NFAC. After visiting hot Spain we need now some warmer clothes! We are live from Bucharest, capitol city of Romania – the winner of NFAC17. Our host venue is Arena Națională, the UEFA Elite Stadium. We are awaiting even 50.000 fans during our live concerts!


Say hello to our hosts, the most beatiful and colorful people in Romania: Smiley, Elena Gheorghe and Cezar.


There will be also a special green room host. Welcome Ovidiu Anton!

Firstly we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our delegations. It is already the 18th edition of our show. It wouldn’t be possible without You!

Before realising our semifinals, let’s make a big and loud opening with Viki Red!

Semifinal 1 (playlist can be found here) – as always the newest entries in our competition, which of 2015-2016 songs will reach the grand final? Don’t waste your time and vote now!

And here are the entries of the 1st semifinal:
1. Austria – Sankil Jones “One More Sound”
2. Estonia – I Wear* Experiment “Patience”
3. Crimea – Адиле Чалбаш “Yandan Mama”
4. Cyprus – Emily “Right In”
5. Hungary – Petruska “Trouble In My Mind”
6. Albania – Mjellma Berisha “Sot Jetoj”
7. Lithuania – Vaidas Baumila “Tik Žmogus”
8. Italy – Lorenzo Fragola “Infinite Voite”
9. Malta – Lawrence Gray “The One That You Love”
10. Denmark – Anja Nissen “Never Alone”
11. Switzerland – Patric Scott “No Boundaries”
12. Poland – Defis “Lek na życie/Cure For Life”
13. Iceland – Regina Osk “Aldrei Of Seint”
14. Sweden – Mariette “Don’t Stop Believing”
15. Norway – Freddy Kalas “Feel Da Rush”
16. France – Sasha “Alive”
17. Belarus – Alexey Gross “Stand As One”

Semifinal 2 (playlist can be found here) – maybe not the newest but also great and colourful entries from years 2010-2014. Do You have already your top 10?

Entries of our 2nd semifinal:
1. Latvia – Dween feat. Olga un Līgo “Saule Riet”
2. Azerbaijan – Safura “Söz Ver”
3. Russia – Elena Maksimova “Brave”
4. Germany – Das Gezeichnete Ich “Weil Du Da Bist”
5. Kyrgyzstan – Nursultan Raimbekov “Jurek Süyüü”
6. San Marino – Valentina Monetta “Hotel”
7. Ukraine – Eduard Romanyutu “I’ll Never Let You Go”
8. Georgia – Ievan Jibladze “It’s My Life”
9. Croatia – Daria Kinzer “Još Ima Nas”
10. Finland – Saara Aalto “Blessed With Love”
11. Kazakhstan – Диас Аблаев “Жыраққа”
12. Moldova – Dara “Open Your Eyes”
13. Spain – Auryn “Volver”
14. Portugal – Rui Andrade “Em Nome Do Amor”
15. Ireland – Andrew Mann “Here I Am”
16. Tatarstan – Гульназ Асаева “Китэ кызлар туган ойлэрдэн”
17. Northern Cyprus – Frekans “Vazgeçtim”
18. Slovakia – Metalinda “Keď Strácam Dych”

Semifinal 3 (playlist can be found here) – our gold semifinal with amazing old songs. Who knows, maybe there is a winner of this edition? Let’s hear them all with this recap!

Finally the last list of participants, 3rd semifinal:

1. Netherlands – Johnny Rosenberg “When Forever Ends”
2. Belgium – Clouseau “Anne”
3. Turkey – Hadise “Askkolik”
4. Serbia – Jelena Tomasevic “Jad Ne Bude Tvoje Ljubavi”
5. Israel – Boaz Mauda & Oshrat Phapir “Parparim”

6. Montenegro – Crveno I Crno “Luda Sam Bez Tebe”
7. United Kingdom – The Revelations “It’s You”
8. Andorra – Marian Van der Wal “Dona’m La Pau”
9. Bulgaria – Mastilo “Getting Crazy”
10. Armenia – Sirusho “I Still Breathe”
11. Slovenia – Rožmarinke “Kliše”
12. Czech Rep – Sámer Issa “When I’m With Her”
13. Macedonia – Tose Proeski “Solzi Pravat”
14. Luxembourg – Jairo “Dans Les Yeux D’un Enfant”
15. Yugoslavia – Helena Blagne “Ti In Jaz, Jaz In Ti”
16. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Igor Vukojevic “Glumica”
17. Greece – Sakis Rouvas “Out Of Control”

Now for something new for NFAC 18, as usual we will have to vote in your own semi final, however we will now have a special “Delegation vote” where people who wish to vote in the other semi finals can submit their votes, and then they will all be added to the votes from the delegations and the members of the international jury to find out our final results, results from the delegation vote will be treated and revealed just the same way as in the delegation semi final results.  Also this mean that the delegation vote is only being used during the semi finals, and is being used so that more songs have been heard through the semi final process ready for the Grand Final vote .  If you want more information on this, DM us.

Information and interview with the Special Guest Jury will be released very soon, for now let’s enjoy some Romanian interval music.

DEADLINE!! You have time till 18.10.2016 18:00 CET to send us your votes. Semi final show on Wendsday 19.10.2016 at 20:00 CET. See You soon!