Welcome to our first part of NFAC 18 and to the Semi Final Draw, this is where each country will be drawn into their semi final starting position.  Romania opted to keep the semi final pots according to year the song was released, and I hope you agree that since the introduction of this our Grand Finals have been at their best, and actually made the competition a bit more competitive.

So our to yours hosts, which will also host NFAC 18 for you in Bucharest; Smiley, Elena Gheorghe and Cezar.

So the semi finals will be split up into the following categories.

Semi Final 1 – 2015 -2016 songs

Semi Final 2 – 2010-2014 songs

Semi Final 3 – 1978 – 2009 songs

Watch the following video to see where you are in each semi final.  Good luck.