After a short bidding process, Bucharest has emerged the only viable option for hosting NFAC 18.  Welcome to Bucharest, Romania.

The city of Bucharest, often dubbed the “Paris of Eastern Europe” is a beautiful city full of a mixture of modern and contemporary.  Hosting in Bucharest was seen by the panel at NFAC to be the only option that made sense, with the Arena Națională being the chosen venue that ticked all the boxes needed in order to successfully host NFAC.  One of the largest contests to date, Arena Națională will host up to 38,000 fans inside the venue, which is found in Section 2 of Bucharest, the most multicultural part of the country.  So this makes sense to have the delegations of 53 different countries come together and help the re birth of Romania in the land of NFAC.  This is also why the tagline of NFAC 18 was decided to be Reborn, as the country picks up itself after much controversy since their withdrawal from Eurovision in 2016.


Information on hosts and running order will be revealed later tonight before we kick off the semi final show tomorrow.

For now enjoy our celebration of Romania in Eurovision (p.s. you may see one or more of these in our hosting group)

Enjoy NFAC x