So now is the time where we start preparing for NFAC 17.  And unlike Ukraine, we want to pick a host city as soon as possible.  The NFAC team have met with the Head Of Delegation of Spain this morning, to discuss the host city preparations.  And we have narrowed it down to 4 cities in Spain.

(left to right: Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville)

We want to put the question to you guys, so our poll will be live on Twitter for 1 week, but first a little bit about the venues.

  1. Barcelona – Palau Sant Jordi

    The largest indoor arena in Spain, would house 24,000 spectators for the contest.  Built in 1990 the  arena is up to date with technology and renovations.  This was one of the main arenas used for the 1992 Olympics.

  2. Bilbao  – Bilbao Arena

    The surprise inclusion of Bilbao was incase of financial constraints restricting a bigger contest, but it is impossible to ignore how beautiful this arena is.  Would host just over 10,000 spectators for the shows, would also host a relaxation zone for the artists during rehearsals which include a spa, swimming pool and gym.

  3. Madrid – Barclaycard Centre

A massive arena complex in Madrid that usually houses basketball games, as well as many concerts.  Would house around 15,000 fans for the show, and would include a central 360 stage that runs through the middle from both ends giving it two runways.

4. Seville – Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo

The oldest of the available venues open for NFAC to use, is in Seville.  Built in the 1980s, however it has been renovated, and even includes a removable roof.  This would host 10,000 in the arena, and the complex around the arena, would house the press room, and delegation areas.


So it’s over to you, get voting on Twitter, and we will this time next week will know #WhoWillHost (we promise).