Congratulations to Spain for winning NFAC 16 …. now we start arranging NFAC 17 in Spain.  A host city bidding will start very soon.  And we promise we won’t delay our announcement #WhoWillHost

Also well done to Sweden, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Denmark for making top 5 in NFAC 16.  This means that these 4 countries along with Spain, will be off limits during the application process.

Here is a list of countries that will be available, and we will update this page as much as we can during the evening, as fast as possible.  So please be patient with us, and ENJOY NFAC x

If you are looking for a song for one of these countries – click here  and you’ll be magically transported to a list of playlists for each country to help you choose a song.

NFAC 17 Available Countries