Welcome back to Jönköping, Sweden. We are here to celebrate and discover who is the 16th winner of NFAC.  Thank you so much for everyone who has entered a song this time, it’s been a pressurised contest, but we’re nearly there.  Remember that we’re here to discover new music from national final season.  And we hope everyone is still loving it as much as we are.  We’ll see you hopefully for NFAC 17.

Opening the show this evening is one of Sweden’s hottest stars at the minute. Zara Larsson


We are here in the Kinnarps Arena in the heart of Jönköping.  SVT opted for a smaller venue for NFAC 16 due to the fact they have hosted the contest 5 times now within the last 13 months, and if they continue to win, they will start helping people discover Sweden from outside of the big cities.

Please welcome your hosts Petra Marklund and Danny Saucedo, and your green room hosts Samir & Viktor.

So Let’s get on with the show.  27 songs, only one winner.  Let’s discover who will win:

16final running

Click here for the full playlist.

  1. Finland – Eeverest “Love It All Away”
  2. Germany – Alexa Feser “Gluck”
  3. Croatia – Giuliano “Srna i Vuk”
  4. Slovenia – Žan Serčič “Summer Story”
  5. Sweden – Oscar Zia “Human”
  6. Bulgaria –  Lazar “Zamestitel”
  7. Macedonia – Bobi Mojovski “Te Krade Toj”
  8. Luxembourg – Liliane Saint Pierre “Mélodie”
  9. Denmark – Kristel Lisberg “Who Needs A Heart”
  10. France – MAP “Grain de Sel”
  11. United Kingdom – Liz McClarnon “Don’t It Make You Happy”
  12. Greece – Kostas Martakis “Always & Forever”
  13. Latvia – MyRadiantU “We Will Be Stars”
  14. Iceland – Elisabet Ormslev “Á Ný”
  15. Albania – Lindi Islami “Për një mrekulli”
  16. Romania – M I H A I “Believe Me”
  17. San Marino – Valentina Monetta “Guardami Ancora”
  18. Stavropol Krai – Madina Kartakeyva “Altin Ordam”
  19. Armenia – Emmy feat. Mihran “Hey!”
  20. Poland – Dorota Osinska “Universal”
  21. Slovakia – Tomáš Bezdeda “Na Strechách Domov”
  22. Azerbaijan – Ulviyya Rahimova “In Love”
  23. Malta – Jasmine “Alive”
  24. Norway – Elisabeth Carew “Sole Survivor”
  25. Belgium – Astrid “Everybody Aches”
  26. Russia – Dima Bilan “Lady Flame”
  27. Spain – Salvador Beltran “Dias De Alegria”

So now time to vote …. here’s a little recap for you to decide…

Send your votes in Eurovision style (12, 10, 8-1) as usual via DM to @Nfandrachansen, and voting will close 1800 CEST 24th August 2016.  And who is going to win our trophy designed by Swede @ValieJTKT …